The Dagré agency

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It’s reasonable to think that a communication agency with over 20 years of experience and which has built up an impressive portfolio, should be consulted.

It's reasonable, and it makes pretty good sense, as whatever sector you're in, you'll get to the crux of the issue that much quicker and hit the target that much better.

Our values

There would be no company without the conquest spirit that inhabits its leaders and teams. There would be no company without a risk taking that requires courage and determination.

There would be no company without a manager or a visionary who drags along with him a team ready to participate in a joint project that responds to shared values, for the pleasure of sharing an adventure.

The spirit of conquest requires also an investment of each member of the team: a sharing of his/her own intelligence, his/her own taste and his/her own intuitions, which will create emulation.

At Dagré, the spirit of conquest is to share with enthusiasm our world, to translate it into concrete objectives and to instil a sense of initiative in order to grow and succeed together.

To have a high level of requirement is an essential condition for quality: it enables us to meet the complex demands of our customers and to achieve the goals we have set.

However, it goes well beyond the "customer satisfaction". It is also a positive spirit that should animate the company and rebound on all aspects of its life, whether it is relational, moral, social, environmental, etc.

At Dagré, to have a high level of requirement implies precision in the exercise of our various skills (commercial, technical, creative ... ), in order to offer our customers the best possible service in terms of quality, efficiency, speed, cost and respect for the environment.

Our employees and partners are respectful of our work process, with a permanent concern of fluidity and efficiency. Monitoring tools enable us to evaluate our employees and campaigns, to client delivery .

The imagination - or the creativity - is an essential asset that creates value for companies. It is the imagination that allows to create new projects, new products, new technologies. It is the imagination that enables to find new ideas and that drives us every day. It has no other limits than our mind.

At Dagré, we endeavour to create working conditions necessary for each employee to develop their creative potential: a friendly framework, a constant open-mindedness and fun to work together.

To be in tune with our customers and to propose creative and innovative solutions that are off the beaten path, this has probably been our greatest strength for 20 years.

Be respectful of oneself, of others and of our environment by behaving responsibly, is a deeply rooted attitude in Dagré. It could hardly have been otherwise, since the agency claims an ethical and humanistic values since its creation.

To guarantee diversity, professional parity between men and women, and equal opportunities is at the heart of our approach: it enables everyone to evolve in accordance with their differences and at their own pace.

To respect collaborator, partner and customer means to keep to our commitments, whether they are related to individuals, laws or environmental regulations. The sake of transparency and honesty guide us in all circumstances within and outside the company.

It is a value inherited from the sport that finds its dimension in the daily management of our teams. It mobilizes our people around true values such as solidarity, individual or collective commitments, quest for performance, taste in winning ... and in partying, of course.

At Dagré, team spirit enables projects to succeed. Indeed, listening, dialogue, sharing of best practices, knowledge transfer and assistance offer the opportunity to everyone to bring their experiences, culture and ideas for the benefit of the greatest number.

Trust is a fundamental experience of human beings and an essential factor in the functioning of human relationships within the company. Trust commits loyalty, reliability and respect for one's word when it is given. It enables to build a healthy and lasting relationship between employees, partners and clients.

At Dagré, trust is a source of success, for corporate culture recognizes individual and collective value and has the power to unite and give meaning to our actions.

It stimulates employees to take initiatives, to leave their comfort zone and mobilizes all talents to exploit new opportunities.