The Tribe Global network

The worldwide network, co-founded by Dagré

Tribe Global network

Tribe Global

Que tal Nick ? Hello Jürgen ! Bonjour Li… Tribe Global is a highly active premium network comprising 33 communication agencies in 21 countries. As soon as an international angle comes up, such as testing a name, bringing in Asian tourists, drawing up an Australian media plan or exporting to the USA, Dagré can use expert contacts to come up with the best solution. It's also an incomparable gateway for keeping up with new techniques in communication

Dagré + Tribe Global = success

These campaigns certainly wouldn't have had the same impact if Dagré hadn't been able to work on them with the help of its partners. And there are others, a bit more confidential, that we be delighted to talk about, sotto voce!

1 campaign, 5 languages: the how-to-do-it of a successful international campaign
Upper Rhine Valley
1 logo, 6 target markets explored: a genuinely international trinational identity
Strasbourg the Europtimist
1 identity, 23 countries consulted: a creation with an optimistic slant, universally appreciated.
Agence Attractivité Alsace
1 name already found, an English version needed: ah, the joys of working together
Office de Promotion du Tourisme Wallonie Bruxelles
1 call for tenders, 5 markets to cover, 5 partner agencies: an international campaign received loud and clear
1 international institution, 1 specific requirement for Germany: a solution helped across the Rhine
Ville de Strasbourg
1 event highlighting Japan, 1 cultural exploration, 1 partner in Tokyo, a perfectly targeted communication campaign